A Relaunch

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. Yet I’m re-launching, foremost to focus my thoughts, but also with the hope that others find these words useful too.

The Blog: A Relaunch

At various times I’ve had a love-hate relationship with blogging. Real time has passed since I last blogged. Months. So why re-fire the blog roll now?

Two reasons and one hope:

Reason One
Weeks ago, this website crashed, and it crashed hard. Unbeknownst to me, the backup engine hadn’t been functioning, so I lost multiple iterations of updates from the last site. All the more, I’d been relying on third-party software for all kinds of website functionality, and much of that software was no longer supported. A recipe for disaster.

In rebuilding the site, I’ve conceived on something more streamlined. Considering my books? How about a direct link to buy them. Interested in the Reading Series (and the soon-to-be-introduced-to-the-world Group 43, which will manage that series)? Bingo, one link. Checking on the latest news, think you might learn something here, want to engage in a dialogue? Wham, there’s the blog.

Less is more.

Reason Two
I’ve changed my thinking about the blog. Here’s what makes it more interesting, and easier, for me to write:

I’m not writing it for you.

Counterintuitively, this might make it more interesting for you, and for any other visitor here.

I’m writing this as a discipline, as a reflection of my thoughts outside the creative writing. Because I spent so many years as a teacher, some of this content will be teacherly: writing exercises, theoretical insights, and analyses. Mostly, I’ll be writing these for myself, but if anyone finds these helpful, great.

A Hope
That some do find these writings helpful; in fact, I hope many do. I hope that at least a few engage here, outside the hyper-capitalized environments of the social networks.

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